Meet Kim

Her Bold Voice.  Throughout a decades-spanning career, crossing a myriad of job descriptions and industries, Kim Boudreau Smith has achieved success because she pays attention to and develops Her Bold Voice. Her internationally renowned voice is recognized when she speaks now, but also because of her time as the former owner of Bold Radio Station, whose weekly radio show commanded a global audience.

Dynamic and driven, Kim achieves her goals and blazes trails. Experience and wisdom have taught her to tune into her inner voice requesting her to slow down, be still and receive what comes next. Frustrating for a high achiever at times, Kim has spent a year honing her self-development skills, engaging in personal peace and strengthening her bold voice, while quieting the “hag in the attic” that tells her she deserves otherwise.

Kim’s most treasured qualities are the support and encouragement she provides, coupled with strategy and tools to help women develop their own bold voice. Kim holds space for high level achievers to tune in, employ self-care and set goals for how they want to show up in the world. Acting as the cheerleader she never had, while moving up in rank in the corporate world, or as the founder of one of the first internet radio stations owned by a woman, Kim guides, supports and practices tough love so her clients can show up and be successful. Her 25+ year fitness business and her practice of homeopathic living, ground the desire to push and move faster, keeping her present for moments of peace and joy which she has found are what truly propel her forward.

Often referred to as a multi media maven, Kim has experience on a multitude of platforms where she expresses her bold voice. A dancer since she seven, Kim feels comfortable on stage sharing her hard-won wisdom. Not only a former radio station owner, Kim hosted a weekly show, and has been a frequent guest on radio and podcasts all over the world. Kim Smith has compiled and co-authored several books that have made their mark in the Amazon Best-seller arena. Through her fitness business she began recording video long before it was popular. Her training, coaching certification and marketing experience are the winning trifecta for having Kim mentor high achievers to a better media presence and asserting their own bold voice. If you haven’t checked out her blog, Her Bold Voice, go ahead and do that now. Kim is real, raw and undoubtedly honest about the challenges of finding peace while remaining viable, relevant and successful in the marketplace.

When Kim isn’t hard at work, she is the mom to two black labs, who are the love of her life. Her care taking responsibilities for Grace and Luna give her a unique perspective on how to have it all without sacrificing herself, her family or her success.



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