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Being an entrepreneur for the last 28 years, and passionate about helping women achieve a whole healthy lifestyle (mind, the body, and spirit) with a successful business I am inviting you to join me on a raw and real journey.

Working with thousands of women, helping them to transform their relationship with themselves and create loving relationships with others, so they live their desired wholesome and healthy life all by choice.

Let’s chat more about you about how you can be supported in creating a beautiful, joyful and wholesome life on your terms and no one else’s!

Be yourself; Everyone else is taken.

Oscar Wilde

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Kneel or Stand? Does it Matter?

I am not a fan of sports, especially professional sports. I feel these players are celebrities in the eyes of many. So many look up to these pros, especially kids. Now hang on, I am going to rant here, so you have the choice right now to stop reading and click off. We...

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Curious as a Cat! Are you?

Curious as a Cat! Are you? Remember that cliché? I heard this a lot when I was younger, and now as an adult, a few things hit home around this one. I am an adult that asks questions, so I am often told that I sound like a curious toddler! (Love it!) But the other cord...

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Is is ALL in the numbers?

Numbers, numbers. It is all a game…or is it? Is it all in the numbers? Being an online business owner, numbers are king, or is it queen? All I have heard for years is numbers. I want numbers, numbers, numbers and more numbers. Well, the old cliché is “it’s all a...

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