I Just Have Zero Luck…

Are we born with luck? Do ou know someone who touches everything and turns to luck? Does luck really exist? I believe it begins with a choice! A choice of faith and belief. The real truth about luck!

Happiness, joy, peace, patience and so much more is a CHOICE! It has nothing to do with LUCK! We all wake up and have the option to be happy, joyful, patient, calm, peaceful, and so on. We all have resources at our fingertips. It is called Google! We have a choice to buy into the chaotic craziness that leads to stress, feelings of having no time to ourselves and being negative because yet again we read the news. WHAT? Remember, being fed up, sick and tired because you are choosing to be like this and do not try to make changes is one thing, however, having challenges or diseases that make it a bit more difficult with our choices. No excuses here, it is what we do with what we are dealt with and going through.

First of all, time is time.

24/7/365; it is what you do with it that matters, just saying.

Secondly, yes being happy is a choice.

Being happy is a choice. (I like being joyous, happy is more like a sugar rush to me) or chose to be a downer. It is totally up to you, and NO, this doesn’t have to do anything with LUCK. Happiness isn’t about finding your dream job or waiting on that influx of clients, or the perfect mate…people, the happiness isn’t there. It isn’t on the outside of you! However, here is a hint: there is no place like home! Home is where the heart is! Sound familiar? Follow your way home, back to your heart with the higher spirit! And let me say, this isn’t always easy.

I love to be joyous because to me, being happy is like a sugar high, so I am happy when I go somewhere that I like, but I am also joyous waking up every day. I also view trust and faith this way. Trust, to me, can be surface deep and can crumble in seconds, whereas faith runs far deeper, faith goes into my soul. Faith opens me up to my higher power-The Universe!

Here are some ways to choose your joy:

  1. Happiness/Joy is a choice. Yes, you have the power and resources to assist you in your choices. I know the mind can get really haggy, however at the beginning and end of the day it is your choice how to reflect to intentionally set this all up. ( I faced some recent decisions and choices)  http://bit.ly/2rfh0ZO
  2. Discover gratitude. A gratitude journal can be just amazing, write down what you are grateful for daily-chose 3 things. (Read about gratitude) http://bit.ly/2prLfLY
  3. Hang with the positive Like-minded people flock together. I love a positive environment; it makes a mindset shift like a piece of cake!
  4. Feed yourself with positive things! Luxuriously positive things such as affirmations, compliments to yourself, a bubble bath, and so much more.
  5. Do something purposeful or meaningful. Volunteer, pay it forward to others that are facing challenges. Spend time on your favorite cause or spend time with a loved one.
  6. Reflect on the small simple things in your day: I love seeing the nose smudges on my car window from Luna Tuna!

Go on, get on out there and embrace yourself. Choose joy and happiness! Choose the life you desire and go for it and do not ever look back. Choose to step out of your misery and into a life of abundance. Yes, it can be done. Leave the chasing of the materialistic things behind, the worry and stress of living. You can do this! Remember, as humans, we have our ups and downs, ebb and flow, and emotions, but we can choose which avenue we want to travel down.

You rock!



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