We all want to belong and feel wanted, don’t we?

I do believe we are ‘pack people’ (not animals!). As human beings, we need socializing with other humans, but we also need that down time. And we all want to feel wanted, needed and belong!

Some people are more social than others, and some require more down or alone time than others. This is what makes us unique.

Everyone, and yes I said everyone, needs to feel wanted, loved, accepted by one’s self and more importantly, by others as well. We are not designed/created to be alone. We crave group interaction and one on one conversations. Many people have a hard time being alone in quietness. We are created to be in all of these situations. It is up to you to find what works for YOU to create that belonging and feelings of being wanted and needed.

In our careers, we want accomplishments and a chance to make a difference in this world.

At one-time humans craved to do what is right. Unfortunately, I feel we have become a race of blame, shame, and people who expect handouts for doing very little. I love this expression: Let’s go that extra mile to get things done. I don’t find this to be the norm anymore. It is more of what can this world do for me, how can I cut corners, and quite frankly who gives a s**t?

What about our families?

Don’t we want our children to want and need us as parents? We want our friends to be our friends. We want our animals to love us, and in return, we are supposed to love, care for all of the above including our careers, NO MATTER WHAT! Even if we don’t feel like it, or the other person is a jackass. NO. MATTER. WHAT!

What about an entrepreneur?

We want our clients to want us. We want to be seen and heard by all on social media. We want a revolving front door of people and money! Right? We behave like we don’t need anyone, can do things alone, do not trust others, and at the end of the day we think, It is me anyways, so why should I…..?

Now let me say one thing here: (this is very loud)

I AM NOT RELIGIOUS, I AM VERY SPIRITUAL AND BELIEVE IN GOD!!! So where do you think we would be today if Jesus took on this attitude? Cut corners, took on the position of this is all BS or everything for a self-induced mission? I wonder if we would have human beings at this point. I’m sure we would. He did deal with some jackasses, but he kept going, he didn’t belittle them, tear them up and spit them out alive. No, not at all. He planted his message and kept moving.

So what am I getting at here? In a world of hate and power that looks prettier than a top runway model; It is about the quiet time. Those times when we are alone, or when we think we are alone, what do you do? Drown this all out with TV? Loud music? To me personally, this time is priceless. The time where I connect with God and myself, to hear, to feel me with Him. Is it always quiet? Noooooooooo!!! Sometimes I converse with him, and other times I just sit, close my eyes, and just be. Are you impressed yet? DON’T BE! This quiet time is a beauty to me in a world of endless noise. I love to listen to the sounds of nature; they are such a gift! Birds’ chirping, the wind blowing. All gifts from God and the manager is Mother Nature!

He knows what He is doing; He is the master of the game plan. He gave us a son to walk this amazing Earth, recruited Mother Nature and even gave His name turned around in our best friend, dog! http://www.kimbsmith.com/god-dog, Of course, there is more He has given us and continues to give. (Too much to mention here, however, let your imagination run wild).

How could you NOT want to connect with God? Talk about some juicy conversations, miraculous gifts, and most of all, never being alone, always loved and wanted. WOW!!! Frickin priceless. Do we really need more? (DO NOT ANSWER THAT.)

Remember, we all want to feel loved, cared for, and wanted by others.

Humans have a lot of baggage, and that can be a real tall order! A world of disappointments when we can have it all with one dude – God! Take a moment, look at your children (if you have any) and realize you created them. We as humans can create another human being! If that doesn’t stop you in your tracks, I don’t know what will.

I leave you with, what are you doing to cut through all the BS to arrive at BS? (Huh, what? Kim, have you have lost it?). It is your BS, what does that mean to you?





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