I cannot do for others anymore…

Have you ever felt like you cannot do anything else for anyone else anymore? I don’t care what your needs are; I don’t care what you are going through, for I have a life too. So take a hike and leave on the high horse you rode in on! Sound a bit familiar?  WOW! Have you ever felt this way? Have you ever been around others that insist upon doing this time and time again to you or anyone else?

HONESTLY, I really do care about others, I do, however, I’ve endured two years of victims dragging their personal sh*t into the business so they can buy a one-way ticket to nowhere. No that’s not true, they did purchase a one-way ticket to bailing on their commitment which leads them to brand themselves as not to do business with, thinking of just themselves and no one else. People, this is a lack of voice, integrity, esteem, confidence and it burns bridges! REALLY? I thought we were past the high school stuff.  With the Internet and all the technology we have access to, do you really want to burn bridges? Think about this one!

Ever hear the expression, teenagers don’t think past the tip of their noses?

Well, the same applies to business and adults.  You make a decision or a commitment and to bust out, break it and there isn’t even a minute to think about the rippling effect it will have on everyone past yourself! Seriously folks. Are you saying right now to yourself: Who does she think she is? If you are, do not click out….for I am jarring something in you. Read on…

Life has its twists, turns, ups, downs and even high and lows, right? There are times we need to re-align our commitments…it is life! However, it is how we go about this…your choices can be as follows:

Will you step up and use your miraculous voice and say: “Hey look, I am having a hard time making this commitment, what can we do to work this out? I need some time to_________ can we make some allowances here?”


Just bail with a litany of excuses and do not realize the ramifications of all of this—Dominos!

The choice is yours, and the voice is also yours! CHOICE! COMMUNICATION! Most importantly, integrity, clarity, power-filledness (not power) and self-love, which is the main ingredient in confidence, esteem, value and worth! (To name a few)

Breathe and look inwards to understand your true issue with commitment? Are you bored, tired or thinking about the next flashy object you can get your hands on? I call this cooking the pasta, and it isn’t sticking to the wall. It’s a lack of passion, purpose, vision and direction. You’re blinded, and you’ve totally missed the wall!

I see so much of this with New Year’s resolutions (I do not believe in them by the way), diets, the latest and newest craze… better known as the sugar high of decisions! Stop! This does so much damage to the mind, body, and spirit!

Before entering any commitment, try this:

Not only know but feel what the purpose of that commitment is. “The big FAT WHY” If it is because everyone else is doing it…oh, need I say more! Here today, gone tomorrow! Who will take you seriously and who will want to hang with you and do business if this continues? I know that I need to pull back when these feelings arise and take care of me, so in turn, I can be stronger to lead, mentor, and effectively live healthy to help others do the same. I love managing me, my choices and commitments, and you can do the same! I also love having clear, strong boundaries. A helpful tool to assist me in staying strong and healthy.

Begin with taking your time on your decisions of the commitment, do you love the mission? What is the purpose? (Big Fat WHY) And remember, if an unforeseen obstacle hits and things get thrown off-track, then speak, use your voice to re-align your commitment. Do not just bail, quit and bring forth a litany of excuses. Speak your truth!




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