Do you want to learn how to take the self-doubt out of public speaking? Do you feel run over by stronger voices in the room? Are you leaving opportunities on the table because you do not want to speak?


The Her Bold Voice Speaks curriculum is designed to help you be heard and speak publicly, like the rock star you desire to be. Hosted, twice monthly, in a very supportive, women-only, environment, Her Bold Voice Speaks will help you define the story you want to tell, teach you how to deliver it publicly and give you support in finding the appropriate spaces to get heard.

When it comes to getting your message in front of your ideal client, today’s resources provide a streamlined way to spread the word, fast.

Whether you attend networking events, implement digital media strategies such as blogging, videos, and podcasts, or write a book…it all boils down to one thing.

Is anybody going to listen to what you have to say? Understanding your target audience really helps, however, but how do you really get your bold voice heard?

This is a public speaking training program that is designed for women only.

Did you know that public speaking is the #1 fear next to death? This can hold us back, keep opportunities on the table, and slow down our personal and professional growth.

Her Bold Voice Speaks can lead you in confidence to be the rock star speaker that you desire. We offer true support and coaching, so women thrive in their business and careers. Our curriculum will support, teach and, coach you so your voice can be heard, and your ideas shared. We will guide you in delivering talks, presentations, and elevator pitches. We will hone your skills, so your message can impact and influence your audience in every scenario, such as:

  • On stage speaking
  • Networking
  • One to one conversations
  • Presentations
  • Fundraising and more

At the end of the day, ask yourself, “Who is my message for and what steps am I taking to get it in front of those people?” This will help you create more success in getting your branding message in front of your ideal client.

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